Anti-coagulation Clinic

The Anti-coagulation Clinic is for patients taking the blood-thinner, warfarin/Coumadin©.

Warfarin is an anticoagulant that comes in tablets that are taken by mouth. It prevents your blood from clotting in your blood vessels and stops existing clots from getting larger.

The amount of Warfarin that a person needs is based on a blood test called the INR (International Normalized Ratio) which is tested using a CoaguChek machine.

Monitoring blood with an INR test

On site monitoring by the FHT pharmacist provides INR results to patients within seconds. Patients have their INR tested at least once per month at the clinic during an appointment and know exactly what dose of Warfarin they are to take until their next appointment.

Additionally, patients are screened for drug interactions and other adverse effects of Warfarin at all appointments.

Patient’s are urged to contact Delhi Family Health Team if they:

  • Have upcoming surgeries or procedures
  • Are taking any new medications
  • Serious fall or head injury
  • Signs of bleeding (vomiting blood, large bruises)
  • Any change in diet or weight