DCHC Phase 3 Expansion Project

“Phase 3 Expansion Project” Underway

Why are we expanding

As our Delhi Community Health Centre has grown there have been more and more health professionals and services expressing interest in joining us and there are patients who still need a family doctor. These increasing demands and opportunities led the Board of Directors to decide to expand the health care services that we provide. That means a greater quantity and more kinds of health care available to the people of Delhi and the surrounding communities. These additional services may include:

  • Space for 3 more physicians
  • Additional diagnostic services
  • Other medical sevices
What is happening

Two buildings on King Street which were adjoining our property were purchased in 2012. An architect was hired in 2013 to research and design the best possible method of expanding our facilities. The older building at 97 King Street, which needed major repairs, was demolished and replaced with much needed parking space. The smaller, newer building at 99 King Street was renovated and now houses Great Lakes Physiotherapy since 2015. The lower level provides much needed storage for the Health Centre. The finishing touches on the façade, landscaping and signage will be completed in the summer of 2017.

How the expansion is progressing

Our new wing is now under construction. It will be named the Verspeeten Family Wing in response to that family’s $1.5 million dollar donation in 2016 which helped to kick-start the construction. The project is scheduled to be completed in September, 2017 and so far the construction is on schedule and on budget! This expansion will increase the footprint of the Health Centre by 70%.

As a consequence, much of our former parking lot is now a construction site. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing for both parking and drop-off. Some of our neighbours, such as the Hungarian Hall, have offered to share the use of their parking lot. Most of the staff park on the street so that patients can use the limited parking.

The pharmacy has moved out of the main building while the space they occupied is retrofit to join the new wing. Pharmasave is still on site and can now be found in a portable unit just at the entrance to the Health Centre.

How this expansion is possible

The success of the Delhi Community Health Centre and this exciting new Phase 3 Expansion Project has become a reality largely because of the amazing strong support and financial commitment of the community! We would not be here without you. At this point, we have raised almost $2 million dollars. We still need your ongoing support to complete it.

What you can do to help

1. Volunteer your time. We need help with fund-raising and fund-raising events. It might be as simple as lending an extra pair of hands to grill hamburgers or stuff envelopes or even volunteering to organize a fund-raising project of your own. Every contribution you can make will make a difference. To become a volunteer please call – Linda VanLondersele @ 519-582-2323 ext. 239 or talk to a member of our fund-raising committee.

2. Make a financial donation. Your financial support is so very much appreciated and so crucial to the success of this place. You can make a donation at the Donation Office of the Delhi Community Health Centre, 519-582-2323 ext. 259, by mail, or you can also make your donation on-line using the link below. DCHC also accepts gifts of securities. We would also encourage you to consider the possibility of making a contribution through your estate planning.

Will you join us in helping to achieve our on-going vision of providing the very best health care available for all of our citizens right here in Delhi and its surrounding communities?

Thank you!

Please support our efforts to provide you
with better access to the health care
you and your family need.

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