Public Walk-In Clinic

The Delhi Community Health Centre Walk-In Clinics are open to everyone in our community.
No appointment is required, however, during COVID we prefer to prescreen over the telephone as much as possible. Please call 226-549-4004 to speak to one of our staff (8am-4pm) or leave a message – we will call you back to prescreen and book your appointment.

NOTE: Due to a declining number of clinics offering walk-in services, we sometimes have high patient volume resulting in a heavy backlog, and at times it may be necessary to close the clinic early to accommodate patients registered earlier in the evening.


  • Thursday 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm Open to the Public
  • Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm  Open to the Public

Patient Code of Conduct

  • Services are provided on a first come, first served basis
  • Physicians only provide acute/urgent care
  • Last patient registration is at 7:30pm
  • When clinic volume is increased, registration may close earlier than 7:30pm
  • Narcotic and/or controlled medications will NOT be prescribed
  • Prescription renewals will only be renewed for 1 (one) month
  • Emergent mental health crisis will be triaged to an appropriate emergency department
  • Injections will be done at the discretion of the attending physician; under NO circumstances will allergy injections be administered
  • The clinic charges a fee for all sick/work and school absence notes based on guidelines set by the Ontario Medical Association
  • We expect patients to follow the posted policies when requesting our services.  Violaters are subject to removal from the facility and maybe barred from using the services.

The following medical services are not appropriate for a walk-in clinic setting and therefore, will NOT be done.  Please see your family physician for these services.

  • No driver medicals, pre-op exams, annual exams, pap smears, well-baby, vaccinations and follow-up regarding diagnostic imaging or lab work
  • No requests for referrals or blood work
  • No completion of forms.  Physicians do not have the time or the appropriate information needed to complete forms in the walk-in clinic.  (Exception; WSIB forms will be completed when the completion of the form is related to the walk-in clinic visit in question)
  • No second opinions of established health problems

If you need medical procedures (sutures/staples, possible fracture or broken bones etc.) or this is a medical emergency, please go to your local hospital:

  • Norfolk General Hospital, 365 West Street, Simcoe, ON.  Tel: (519) 426-0750
  • Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital, 167 Rolph Street, Tillsonburg, ON.  Tel: (519) 842-3611
  • Brantford General Hospital, 200 Terrace Hill Street, Brantford, ON.  Tel: (519) 751-5544

105 Main Street, Delhi, ON  N4B 2L8
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